Frequently asked questions

Any trained medical or medico-social professional can run an AbilyCare test. The practitioner is not necessarily the one who runs the test: he can simply analyze the report he receives.

The test is fast, and the different steps are customizable depending on the use of the tool. The test lasts on average between 10 and 15 minutes.

The service includes access to the software and the provision of the hardware with its guarantee. It also includes support assistance and reports for practitioners and patients. Data extraction and usage statistics are included in the “expert” offer.

The solution is a SaaS solution sold as a subscription, with a hardware warranty. Depending on the services you require and your needs, send us an email for a quote at and we will be happy to answer you.

The field of use of the solution is very wide, because walking and balance are bio-markers of a patient’s general health. Here are some examples: rheumatology, neurology, functional rehabilitation, geriatrics, thermalism, ENT, but also the medico-social field, etc.

Yes, the health data that is collected during the test is secure. They are stored at an approved health data hosting company to guarantee their confidentiality, integrity, availability and trackability.

Appropriation is very easy and quick. It takes half a day of training to get into AbilyCare and be able to run a test.

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