Accelerate the move from cure to care

In France, 1.4 million people are recognized as dependent and 12,000 people die from the consequences of a level fall. These figures could be reduced if signs of fragility were detected earlier to implement prevention programs.

This conviction made us bring together major players in scientific and technical research in order to set up a solution to detect imbalances in movement and walking. French scientific researchers have found support from Engie engineers to design our solution in the field with practitioners from hospitals in Paris and Reunion Island.

Our mission is to address this prevention issue, by measuring two health biomarkers : health and balance. Thus, AbilyCare contributes to the 3rd Sustainable Goal for Development (SDG) defined by the United Nations : “Good health and well-being”. 

A solution scientifically designed and proven

3 patents and 20 scientific publications

AbilyCare is a medical device, and it has been designed in collaboration with doctors and head departments reunited by Cognac-G, and a dozen medical and scientific partners. 

Winner of the Innovation Prize at the 1st BtoB Congress for Thermalism and Wellness

Meet our team

Marc Van Der Cruyssen
President, Product Management

As an industrial IT engineer specialising in e-health, Marc founded AbilyCare following a meeting with CNRS medical researchers. After years of research, his ambition is to make it an offer accessible to all.

Dr Lina Michelet

As a general practitioner, Lina has practiced for several years. Thanks to a master's degree in health information systems, she brings her professionnal knowledge to AbilyCare to meet new challenges.

Éric Dorveaux
CEO, Research & Development

Éric holds a doctoral thesis in mathematics and automation (Mines ParisTech) and an engineer degree from centraleSupelec. Experienced in starting a company (Cofounder of Sysnav in 2008, a company which specializes in movement measurement), he bridges the gap between research and industrialization.