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AbilyCare in the Caribbean with the University of Caen

Caribbean 600

What is the impact of ocean racing on the human body? The COMETE INSERM/UNICAEN laboratory, in partnership with Temple University, conducted a pilot study in the waters off Antigua and Barbuda during the prestigious Caribbean 600 regatta.

⛵ 22 volunteer sailors were scrutinised from every angle, before and after the race.

🔬The assessments of their static balance, as well as their muscular, vestibular and cognitive functions, provided a better understanding of their body’s physiology.
The aim: to develop training programmes and prevention tools, aimed at optimising the performance and health of athletes involved in this extreme sport.

AbilyCare is very proud to have contributed to this study, which will be continued at other upcoming competitions.

Clearly, AbilyCare is being used in many fields!
And what discipline would you use it in? 🤔


📸 RORC / Tim Wright / Emma Milot

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