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Revolutionizing of motor skills

Discover AbilyCare, a complete and innovative new solution for assessing and quantifying balance and gait, simply and in a matter of minutes.

AbilyCare offers solutions tailored to your needs

AbilyCare offers solutions for companies, healthcare institutions and seniors, to improve quality of life and health at every stage of life.

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Enterprise Solutions

Go further in prevention by taking into account the overall health of your employees.

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Solutions for Seniors

Identify and prevent frailty through gait and balance measurements and personalized recommendations.

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Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Improve patient care with our motricity measurement device.

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Our trusted partners: successful collaborations with key industry players

AbilyCare is proud to work with renowned companies and institutions, together contributing to innovation and improving the quality of life.


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An innovation in the service of mobility and health

AbilyCare is at the forefront of medical technology, offering a revolutionary mobility assessment. Our unique solution combines non-intrusive sensors and machine learning algorithms to provide insight into motor function disorders. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a social player, or an individual seeking to understand your own health, AbilyCare is designed for you.

Precise and comprehensive evaluation

AbilyCare provides a detailed evaluation of walking and balance, essential biomarkers for health. Our patented technology enables rapid and precise analysis, revealing crucial information about individual mobility.

Ease of use

Designed for healthcare professionals and social workers, AbilyCare is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool. Its straightforward implementation allows for effortless integration into daily practices, providing clear and understandable results.

Commitment to prevention and health

AbilyCare is more than just a diagnostic tool; it's a proactive solution for fall prevention and early detection of frailty. We are committed to improving the quality of life, especially for the elderly, and helping professionals identify potential risks in the workplace.

Effective collaboration and communication

Our program promotes valuable dialogue between doctors, care centers, and patients. The ability to share results with other healthcare professionals enhances collaboration and ensures holistic healthcare for individuals.

Who we are

AbilyCare: an innovative tool for mobility assessment

Dive into the world of mobility assessment with AbilyCare. This video provides a live glimpse of our revolutionary technology, demonstrating how it works and what it can achieve. From measuring static balance to analyzing walking, discover how AbilyCare is transforming the way we understand and improve mobility.

Ready to transform your mobility assessment?

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