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healthcare solutions

Revolutionizing medical care with AbilyCare

Healthcare is an ever-evolving field, facing challenges such as an aging population, the rise of chronic diseases, and the need for more personalized care. AbilyCare aligns with this dynamic by offering innovative solutions for the assessment of mobility and balance, key indicators of overall health. Our diagnostic and monitoring tools are designed to seamlessly integrate into current medical practices, providing healthcare professionals with a more efficient and accurate way to assess and monitor their patients’ health. With AbilyCare, we aim to transform the way healthcare is delivered by leveraging technology for personalized medicine.

Objective measurement of motor function

In the healthcare sector, objective measurement of motor function is often overlooked due to the complexity and cost of equipment. AbilyCare fills this gap by providing an easy-to-use solution that is as precise as industry gold standards.

Applications in post-acute care and geriatrics

Our solutions have specific applications in Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation Services (SSR) and in geriatrics. They allow for a precise assessment of frailty and mobility, key factors for the quality of life of patients.

Compliance and interoperability

AbilyCare complies with the requirements of decree n°2022-25 regarding the technical conditions of operation of medical care and rehabilitation activities. Our device can be integrated into various healthcare environments, offering great flexibility.

Telemedicine and remote monitoring

The ability to connect remotely and monitor patients in real-time offers healthcare professionals unprecedented flexibility. It enables more regular monitoring and better care coordination.

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The AbilyCare Kit: your portable mobility laboratory

The AbilyCare Kit is designed to be both comprehensive and user-friendly, transforming any space into an advanced mobility laboratory. Here’s what each kit, neatly stored in an ergonomic case, includes:


AbilyCare: an innovative tool for mobility assessment

Dive into the world of mobility assessment with AbilyCare. This video provides a live glimpse of our revolutionary technology, demonstrating how it works and what it can achieve. From measuring static balance to analyzing walking, discover how AbilyCare is transforming the way we understand and improve mobility.


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Our trusted partners: successful collaborations with key industry players

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AbilyCare offers solutions tailored to your needs

AbilyCare offers you innovative tools for businesses, healthcare facilities, and seniors, to improve the quality of life and health at every stage.

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Enterprise Solutions

Optimize the health and productivity of your employees with our personalized approach.

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Solutions for Seniors

Support the well-being and independence of seniors with our prevention and monitoring programs.

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Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Improve care and rehabilitation with our motor skills measurement tools.

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