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Senior Solutions

Personalized healthcare solutions for seniors

Senior Solutions

AbilyCare: your partner for healthy aging

With the increasing aging population, elderly care services are experiencing significant growth. Europe is positioned as a leader in this sector, with impressive annual growth. AbilyCare offers innovative solutions specially designed to meet the unique needs of seniors. Our patented medical devices enable rapid and accurate assessment of mobility and balance, key indicators of overall health in the elderly. Whether for individual use at home or within a care facility, AbilyCare provides seniors and healthcare professionals with reliable tools for personalized monitoring.

The elderly care services market

In 2019, the global market for products and services aimed at seniors reached several hundred billion dollars. Europe is at the forefront of this market, with an annual growth rate of 6.8% expected between 2020 and 2026.

Key players in health prevention

Public policies and social protection groups play a crucial role in senior health. AbilyCare offers an ideal solution to identify fragile individuals and measure the effectiveness of health prevention initiatives, enabling early detection of risks and signs of frailty.

AbilyCare: your ally for seniors

AbilyCare offers an innovative approach to detect frailty in seniors. We provide early detection of fall risks, a personalized approach for each individual, and contribute to better senior health and a sustainable healthcare model.

Successful collaborations

Pilot projects with entities such as Malakoff Humanis and AG2R La Mondiale have demonstrated the positive impact of AbilyCare. These collaborations have highlighted a significant improvement in overall health and quality of life for seniors.

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The AbilyCare Kit: your portable mobility laboratory

The AbilyCare Kit is designed to be both comprehensive and user-friendly, transforming any space into an advanced mobility laboratory. Here’s what each kit, neatly stored in an ergonomic case, includes:


AbilyCare: an innovative tool for mobility assessment

Dive into the world of mobility assessment with AbilyCare. This video provides a live glimpse of our revolutionary technology, demonstrating how it works and what it can achieve. From measuring static balance to analyzing walking, discover how AbilyCare is transforming the way we understand and improve mobility.


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Our trusted partners: successful collaborations with key industry players

AbilyCare is proud to work with renowned companies and institutions, together contributing to innovation and improving the quality of life.

AbilyCare offers solutions tailored to your needs

AbilyCare offers you innovative tools for businesses, healthcare facilities, and seniors, to improve the quality of life and health at every stage.

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Enterprise Solutions

Optimize the health and productivity of your employees with our personalized approach.

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Solutions for Seniors

Support the well-being and independence of seniors with our prevention and monitoring programs.

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Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Improve care and rehabilitation with our motor skills measurement tools.

Ready to transform your mobility assessment?

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