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In Switzerland too

Des seniors actifs

🇨🇭Preventing falls among the elderly is a public health priority in Switzerland too.

According to a study by the Swiss Accident Prevention Bureau (BPA), falls among the elderly cost almost 1.7 billion Swiss francs a year 💰 affecting 90,000 people every year and causing 1,600 deaths.

Faced with this reality, sports centres in Switzerland are being encouraged to develop programmes specifically adapted for senior citizens, in line with health and safety recommendations. 🤸🧘 The aim is to offer targeted, safe physical activities that make an effective contribution to preventing falls, while taking into account the specific abilities and needs of this age group.

Note that 3/4 of older people 🧓👵 would be willing to undergo training, in the form of supervised lessons including at least 20 minutes of training of balance and 10 minutes of leg strength training, as well as exercises with both motor and cognitive components, such as a dance choreography💃🕺

These initiatives are part of a proactive approach aimed not only at reducing the economic and social costs associated with falls, but also at significantly improving the quality of life of our friends’ senior citizens helvètes🇨🇭 .

For example, the “equilibre-en-marche” website offers free access to a self-assessment quiz, exercises to do at home, and a search engine to find a centre or courses.

An example to follow? 💡🌍

In any case, this is yet another example of how AbilyCare’s commitment is in line with public health initiatives in favour of senior citizens.

Photo : Marcus Aurelius.


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